Your may have or may have not seen the movie “In Bruges”. I quite enjoyed it personally, and we decided that it seemed like a nice place to go for a long weekend, everyone kept telling us so anyway.

It is not called “La Venise du Nord” for nothing as there are quite a few nice canals in the city. The architecture is globally nice, the food good but rich and well… Belgium beer rocks! And we didn’t have that much rain in the end, even though it was November.

bruges-brugge-belgium-november-2013-1The Famous “Belfort”. Quite impressive.

bruges-brugge-belgium-november-2013-5The “Monastère de la Vigne”, place of the beguinage.

bruges-brugge-belgium-november-2013-7A little shop in the center that does their own sweet. Really colorful!

bruges-brugge-belgium-november-2013-2A nice Waffle Minibus, they did look yummy!

bruges-brugge-belgium-november-2013-22There are quite a few of the windmill on the east site of the town, by the river.

bruges-brugge-belgium-november-2013-15View of the “Spiegelrei”

bruges-brugge-belgium-november-2013-14Well that was the only crazy rainy moment of the weekend!

bruges-brugge-belgium-november-2013-19Playing with water reflection is always fun!

Bruges is definetly a lovely place, and if you have never been, I suggest you do it ASAP!

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