Brooklyn, Manhattan

While I was in New York back in 2013, I went for a morning stroll in Brooklyn then in Manhattan during the evening.

Well when you’re like me and tend to wake up early in Paris, going to New York kind of mean that you’re up something like 4 in the morning and can go out early and walk around while your friends still sleep. Obviously it is kind of hard to make any original pictures since everything has been done already, but it is fun to interact with the famous beasts that are Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge.

I then went to meet my friends at a Bareburger for brunch.  Good point for them is that they make most of the food from organic and fair trade products. Bad point is the price (well as everything in New York area anyway…) and the taste is not amazing. Good but not crazy. Anyway, one of my friends was going to take his plane in the afternoon so we took our time and saw him off.

We headed to the Frick Collection after this. There are nice pieces of arts there, especially paintings, and interresting pieces of furnitures. After this we went to have a cookie at Levain Bakery. They are supposed to be the best in town, and well there is a huge queue outside this small basement shop. The cookies are chunky, usually warm and quite tasty, but wouldn’t say “best cookie EVER”.

I ended the day with a walk in the Times Square area.


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