London, Winterville and Wonderland

I always have a good time going back to London. Lived there 3 years after getting my master degree and that probably was the craziest years of my life!

I have awesome friends over there, and well there is always something happening in London, which is great.

This time we went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park which is a mix of amusement park and traditionnal german christmas market. The rides look good though I couldn’t try any, and there is food all over the place. Huge downside though is the price of everything and the stupid amount of people.

Went to Winterville in Victoria Park as well, which is way calmer and cheaper. The rides are smallers obviously and there is not the chrismasy feel to the whole thing, but at least you can move around. I wouldn’t suggest trying the hot cider though, I love cider but this tasted horrible!



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